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The Transactions of the Royal Historical Society publish an annual collection of major articles representing some of the best historical research by some of the world's most distinguished historians. Volume fourteen of the sixth series includes the following articles: England and the Continent in the Ninth Century: Iii, Rights and Rituals; The Legacy of the Nineteenth-Century Bourgeois Family and the Wool Merchant's Son; Pristina Libertas: Liberty and the Anglo-Saxons Revisited; Distance and Disturbance: Travel, Exploration and Knowledge in the Nineteenth Century; The Literary Critic and the Village Labourer: 'Culture' in Twentieth-Century Britain; Queen Elizabeth and the Myth Of Sea-Power In English History; The Elizabethan Idea of Empire; Mathematics and the Art of Navigation: The Advance of Scientific Seamanship In Elizabethan England; Was Elizabeth I Interested in Maps and Did it Matter?; Bringing the World to England: The Politics of Translation in the Age of Hakluyt.

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